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Is Blogging Easy : 3+ Question Answer

Blogging is a rapidly growing digital industry in the internet world. 

Lots of new artificial intelligence based technology are coming to the Internet world, because of that many newbie and professional bloggers might think that - is it worth to do blogging in such competitive environment?

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How exactly blogging gives you money ?

Is Blogging Easy

Yes, blogging is easy if you do it with systematic approach and with proper planning. By using proper research and analysis you can become successful in blogging in less than 6 month.

If we do proper keyword research and category selection before starting blogging then it helps us to make a road map of blogging journey and blogging become quite easy to us.

Without planning you may feel like blogging is not for me, let's quit it. But if you have a proper pathway of what exactly I have to do in my blog in next few months or years then you will become confident and motivated throughout the blogging journey.

is blogging easy

Now, let's have a look at steps for easy blogging journey.

What are blogging easy steps 

There are three basic steps in blogging -

1. Choose an idea

2. Make a website

3. Work on that idea 

1. Choose an idea

If you come with any idea that is trending in present days and these Idea have future potential then you can start a blog by using the idea.

For e.g. - If you come with a idea of electric vehicle batteries and you think about starting a blog on electric vehicles battery then you can say that it has a present Trend and also it has a future opportunities. So you may start blog on this topic. 

2. Make a website

After generating the idea the next major task is to create an website. There are lots of tutorial present over the internet. 

Here, you have to consider good domain name for your website that shows your brand identity and also you have to select your target countries for hosting server for better page experience.

3. Work on that idea 

Now you have an website so start working on that website. Initially you have to select low competition keywords and after getting some kind of success you can move on to some high competition keywords. While working on any idea the consistency is the major key of  success.

To become successful in blogging you should choose your field of interest while selecting your blog niche. 

But how to select blog niche?

Let's have a look at this

How to come up with a blog niche ?

You can select blog niche based upon your interest. If you follow your passion and area of expertise while selecting blog niche then it is become easy to work on blog without loosing hopes for the success.

You main consider following points while selecting your blog niche -

1. Follow your passion

If you are interested in sports then do blogging in sports niche. Make a blog on such topics on which you love to talk very much.

2. Consider competition - 

Now a days if anyone want to start a blog in highly competitive niche like personal finance then it is become difficult to rank in top pages. While starting your blogging journey you may consider a low competition niche for easy ranking and getting better result from the internet.

3. Monetization option 

If you want to make money from blogging you should consider monetization option while selecting your block niche i.e. if you select technology niche then you can true affiliate marketing and by using Google AdSense.

4. Future of your niche 

If you start a blog on anything that will be no longer in use in future then you may become successful in the short term but with long term vision you will may become unsuccessful.

5. Consider Micro niche

Now a days if you want to successful in blogging you should pick a small microniche from a broad a broad category.

For e.g. if you are interested in computers then you can select some sub topic of computer as your niche such as a sound card, graphics card, processor etc.

But you may think that is it sufficient to select a good niche and wait for a results from search engines.

The answer is No.  Now it's time to write some quality article and giving better value to the consumer.

How to Write good quality article that Rank in Google?

While writing the good quality article that has an capacity to rank in Google you have to consider the following points -

1. Make the outline of your content

2. Write down sample title and heading, subheadings.

3. Type your main keyword on Google and get inspiration from top ranked websites.

4. After choosing right title right lines of introductory paragraph of your article.

5. Give proper explanation of Heading and Subheadings.

6. Wrap up the content by writing the summary of your content.

7. Make proper internal links.

8. Use at least one external link.

9. Consider using Table of contents for better user experience.

10. Use efficient schema on your article.

11. Infographic make your article more attractive so use it when necessary.

Most Important - Content is a king 👑 so work for better user experience not for search engines.


Today in this article we learn about is blogging easy and some related questions about it. While creating new blog many of us may think about difficulty of blogging. So in this article when explain some important information and questions from selecting your niche to generate article.

I hope you love this article. Share your experience in the comment box. Any new suggestions are always welcomed.

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