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Free online Word Counter Tool [Support All Language]

Copy & Paste, Word & Character counter

Our world counter tool is completely free and without any language barrier. You can literally enter any language you know in the given in given input box and we will calculate word count for you.

This world counter tool is also important or calculating long passages of Marathi Hindi Tamil Malayalam or any other regional languages of India and across the globe.



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Free online word counter tool that supports all languages.

Do you want to count the words without any language barrier then it's difficult to find any specific tool that can count words of any languages. So to simplify this task we have created our first free online word counter tool that supports almost 99.9% languages across the globe.

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online word counter

Our world counter tool is easy to use and had a simple user interface so that anyone can use his tool with ease. These word counter is completely free and without any word limit restrictions.

By using this word counter you can count words of original languages like Marathi Hindi or Tamil also you can count your essay presentation Twitter or Facebook ads or even any large paragraph also capture by the tool as there is no word limit is set on this free tool.

Features of Word Counter tool

• 100% free without any word limit.

• Easy to use with simple user interface.

• Copy and paste content on a single click.

• Real time word counter.

• Supports almost all the languages.

• Download PDF of your content in single click.

• Download txt file on button click.

• Easy to find and replace button.

• Word counter as you type

• Accurate and precision full tool

• Know the keyword density

How to use this free word counter

To use this free world counter tool you have to only paste or type your content in the given box and we will count the words in real time.

After clicking on count button you will be sent to word counter paragraph where you will get counted word and paragraph.

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