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Plain Text to HTML Converter (Free & Online)


<p>: Use paragraph tags only

<p> & <br />: Use paragraph and line break tags

<br />: Use line break tags only

HTML Preference: <br /> or <br>

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Plain Text to HTML Converter (Free & Online) for blogger WordPress or any other website

Easy text to HTML converter is useful for converting our Plain text into the HTML format. While adding HTML tag to the text is such a boring task and to overcome this we try to use text to HTML converter.

Text To HTML

For for easily converting plain text into the HTML format you can use our free plane text to HTML converter which will convert your text into HTML without any effort. This tool is completely free and you can use it as many times as you want.

After using this tool I can guaranteed you that you will get complete satisfaction as this tool is good summary of all the tools present over the internet for converting text to the HTML format.

so without wasting time let's look at how to use this amazing text to HTML converter.

How to Use Free Text to HTML Online Converter for website

To use text to HTML online converter you have to follow the following steps

1. Click on Input Text option and type or simply paste your text content there.

2. Now select the appropriate option i.e
• < p > for converting your text to only paragraph tag of HTML
• < p > and < br / > for making your text content to the paragraph tag and break tag ofHTML content.
• Use < br > option for converting your content to only break of HTML tag.

Text To HTML Converter

3. Now click on convert Text to HTML button

4. Your HTML code will appear below.

5. There are 2 additional options are also available i.e. RESET option is useful for clearing all the text content you have given. And by using COPY option you can copy the HTML code generated.

Main features of our Free Text to HTML Converter for website

1. As a name suggest it's completely free text to HTML converter. You can use numerous times this tool without paying a single penny.

2. Our text to HTML converter is fast, reliable and easy to use.

3. You can copy the generated HTML content by a single click.

4. You don't have to login or sign up for using this free tool.

5. Your data given on these website is completely free as we Don't store any kind of data on our server.

6. The reset and copy button serve as an additional functionality to the tool.

Why Text to HTML is needed

While coding on mobile phone or desktop it's become ridiculous task to type the paragraph tag or break tag after each paragraph is over. To simplify this task we can type simply type plain text without any HTML tag and then we can use Text to HTML converter for easily converting our txt to the HTML format.

While making custom made websites we have to use HTML format and to convert our plain text to HTML format we have to use text to HTML converting tool.

Many of us like to type using voice typing and it's not possible to type HTML tag using the voice. So we can type using our voice typing and after typing we can paste simply our type content on this tool to convert text into the HTML.

Some Random Questions

Is it completely free tool or we have to pay some fee for this tool?

Answer - Our text to HTML converter tool is completely free. You don't have to pay a single penny for using this tool. You can use this tool multiple times without any disturbance.

How much time is it take to convert text to HTML?

Answer - After typing or pasting your content into text box you have to click on convert text to HTML button and as soon as you click the button your HTML code will be ready in the below box.

Will we have login or sign up for using this tool?

Answer - This tool doesn't require any kind of login or sign up process. You just have to input your text and copy the output of your text.

Will you collect our data?

Answer - No we doesn't collect any kind of data. The consumer safety and privacy is our main priority so your data is completely safe on our website and your data doesn't go anywhere from your computer or mobile.

Can you suggest some changes to the tool?

Answer - Yes you can really share your thoughts and suggestions into the comment box below if we like your thoughts we will definitely make some definitive changes into our tool.

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