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(FAQ) JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator for Seo [Free Online]


FAQPage Schema Form

Add all your Questions and answers

JSON Output

After adding all your questions, add this code to your FAQ page

Hurray , Your code has been copied !

To validate FAQ schema markup first click on Copy button then click on Validate FAQ Schema

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JSON-LD FAQ Schema Markup Generator for Blogger, WordPress or any other Website

Are you looking for a best FAQ schema markup to boost your ranking in the Google then you can choose our JSON-LD FAQ Schema Markup Generator for Blogger, WordPress or any other Website.

After using our JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator I can guaranteed you that all of your expectation will completed. This FAQ schema markup generator is up to date for modern SEO tactics.

faq schema markup generator

To create this beautiful JSON-LD schema markup generator we have gone through waris articles explaining FAQ schema and we have also examined more than 15 FAQ schema markup generators.

This JSON schema markup generator is completely free, fast and easy to use. By using FAQ schema you can appear differently on Google search results.

How do I create a FAQ schema?

To create the FAQ schema by using our schema generator tool you have to follow the following steps -

1. Click on question text box and add your question.

2. Now click on answer section and add answer to your given question.

3. Now click on add questions button to add extra question and answers.

4. After heading your total questions scroll down to find the FAQ schema.

5. Now click on copy button but if you want to minifying given JSON LD you have click on minify button.

6. Now add given generated FAQ Schema into your blog post and website.

Faq Schema Markup Example

FAQ schema markup shows additional section in the Google search result so that your visibility in the Google increases and the click through rate also get increased on your website, resulting in higher ranking of your website.

The demo example of JSON LD FAQ schema markup generator is as follows.

< script type="application/ld+json" > { "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [ { "@type": "Question", "name": "What is your name", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "My name is sarah" } } ] } < /script >

How does the FAQ schema appear in the Google?

The FAQ schema generate additional question & answer section below your search result in the Google by using schema generator. You then occupy more space as given in the image below.

json ld faq schema markup generator for seo

What are main features of your FAQ schema markup generator?

The main features of our faq generator are as follows -

1. Fast

2. Easy to use

3. Completely free

4. No limitations

5. No signup or login process

6. Real-time faq schema markup generator

7. According to google guidelines

8. Useful for Blogger, WordPress or any other Website

What is FAQ schema markup?

FAQ schema markup is an special markup technology which contain JSON data in question answer format and when we apply these schema markup on our website our search result on Google appear in the question answer format belows the search post title.

Is FAQ Schema is ranking factor?

According to many SEO expert FAQ schema doesn't useful for ranking factor but as it is useful to occupy more space over the search result on Google our Click Through Rate may get increased and eventually our ranking also get increased by this. So we can say that FAQ schema markup is an indirect ranking factor.

How to check if my FAQ schema markup is accurate?

To check your FAQ schema is accurate or not you have to click on validate FAQ schema option that is below the copy button. You just have to put the given generated FAQ schema into code section then after inspection of data you can find your schema is accurate or not.

Is it mandatory to add questions in FAQ schema?

As the name suggests FAQ means frequently asked questions. So it's very much necessary to add the given data in question answer format for using the faq schema markup generator.

How many questions should a FAQ have?

There will be no correct answer for this question but as per research conducted we should add at least five question to the FAQ schama markup for getting the better results.

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